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ULTRAVAIN. "I've been on the go since I can remember - commuting to school two hours a day since the age of 15, moving out of my mom's apartment at the age of 19, working, independently writing, moving overseas, learning foreign languages and modeling while trying to stay on track and trying to keep up with everyday life. Life can get pretty crazy! Honestly, I can say I've eaten pretty much every snack out there. "There were many factors to starting UltraVain. My husband's health situation, my anxieties, balancing work and healthy eating, and how done I was with pretentious 'healthy' snacks. When I created UltraVain, I was mentally exhausted and suffered from panic attacks. I'm not scared to roll my sleeves up and put in work. Creating and perfecting UltraVain has become my therapy. To be a part of change is beyond exciting.Life is hard enough, and some things should be effortless. Eating healthy, feeling awesome, and looking good on your terms should be some of them..."My friends are the original UltraVain stans. I was supplying all my friends with UltraVain cookies. After some time we signed up with a commercial kitchen, we were ready to bake for the world. We printed our first packaging at home on our printer. It drove me crazy and took forever to print out. UltraVain became so popular in our area that we were able to sell cookies for a local Cafe, supply local brunch places and a boutique fitness studio.A year and a half later since the first thought of UltraVain, we officially launched — nationwide. We were able to grow enough to create and design quality packaging, establish social media channels, find high-end suppliers to keep up with the high demands, and to grow with our community."The hardships I faced along the way to founding UltraVain, no weekends, and sleepless nights don't matter, but what matters is to want the best for people, and to uplift them and tell them to be proud of themselves and all they have been through, and make them excited for what is coming.I want to make people proud of themselves; that's why I named the brand UltraVain - UltraVain is here to remind you how powerful and badass you are, that you matter and you don't need to feel guilty for putting yourself first. UltraVain helps you to look and feel awesome during busy days, work, workouts, or travels.